Aldine Amiel et Eric Roettinger

Aldine and Eric are researchers in biology at the Kewalo Basin. They met in France at Villefranche-sur-Mer while doing their Ph.D. They study the development and evolution of invertebrate. Hawai`i was a logical destination to pursue their work because interesting species of sea anemone, worm and jellyfish live here.

Fascinated by the marine environment, the couple is also passionate about photography. After high school Eric had to choose between his two passions and he picked the second. Aldine has been passionate about analog photography since childhood. Together they started documenting the marine life in France by making a portrait gallery. In 2009 they created a bank of images on Internet. This project became an association in 2010. Their pictures are now used on covers of scientific journals and they collaborate with journalists to illustrate books. They also distribute calendars and posters to raise people’s and students’ awareness about biodiversity and marine life. Aldine and Eric post explanations on the pictures they are taking on their website and on their Facebook page. They also collaborate with the Tara crew to document the marine organisms found during their expedition around the world.

Aldine and Eric satisfy their two passions with enthusiasm and determination. They are a source of inspiration for us all!

Thank you Aldine and Eric for sharing your aloha with us!